Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Thank you .NET!!!

I have been playing with a new iPod Touch and a Mac Mini to develop some applications for the iPhone and iPod. All I have to say about it is Thank You .NET!!!!!

I have been a programmer for.... over 20 years now and have taught college, co-authored a SQL Server book and now I am looking at Objective-C for the iPhone/iPod. Oh my... this is a pain in the neck to use. You have to use a certificate from Apple to put a test application on a real device. And you have to PAY either $99 or $299 for the certificate.

Now I have a couple friends that are Mac people and they are helping me thru this. I may be missing something in this. The Mac world is new to me and sometimes it could just be something that did not see. I will keep the blog up to date on my trials and tribulations using Objective-C. I know it is not .NET based, but it is from the sense of me saying THANK YOU for .NET!!!!

Of course I do have Mono installed on my Mac to do some .NET development on the Mac to test some of my other apps out. More on that later.

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