Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Get On the Bus!!!

The Microsoft Learning group is traveling to 12 cities around the country and inviting certified people to join them. Learn all about it by clicking on the image above. I wish they were abit closer to me so that I could meet up with them as well. Oh well, have fun meeting them and maybe you can join them on the bus.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Thank you .NET!!!

I have been playing with a new iPod Touch and a Mac Mini to develop some applications for the iPhone and iPod. All I have to say about it is Thank You .NET!!!!!

I have been a programmer for.... over 20 years now and have taught college, co-authored a SQL Server book and now I am looking at Objective-C for the iPhone/iPod. Oh my... this is a pain in the neck to use. You have to use a certificate from Apple to put a test application on a real device. And you have to PAY either $99 or $299 for the certificate.

Now I have a couple friends that are Mac people and they are helping me thru this. I may be missing something in this. The Mac world is new to me and sometimes it could just be something that did not see. I will keep the blog up to date on my trials and tribulations using Objective-C. I know it is not .NET based, but it is from the sense of me saying THANK YOU for .NET!!!!

Of course I do have Mono installed on my Mac to do some .NET development on the Mac to test some of my other apps out. More on that later.